Engineering and construction

"Key in hands" system

The NOVI DPI team has an extremely huge experience projecting and engineering of all types of facilities. Our members took part in the construction of several residential buildings with an area ​​over 5,000 m 2 .We are ready to perform any objects!

Through the application of the KEY IN HANDS system, NOVA DPI comes out in front interested person with a specific offer that defines all aspects of planning and execution of any object. The offer includes a complete price list and materials with a clear description of all the operations that are being performed. If the client accepts the offer, the contract is included into the beginning of the realization of the project.

Professional supervision

NOVA DPI provides professional supervision services for the construction of all types of facilities as well as for the reconstructions of existing buildings. Expert supervision includes the following activities: professional supervision services for all types of construction and civil engineering work, as well as the implementation of water and sewer installations.

Expert supervision includes the following activities: Control whether the construction is done according to the construction approval, or according to the main project; Checking the application of conditions and measures for environmental protection and protection of neighboring facilities, installations, devices, plants and equipment; Control of conformity of construction of all types of works with a building permit and the main project on the basis of which the construction of the building is carried out and the timely undertaking of measures in case of construction deviation from the main project; Collaboration with designers in order to provide details of technological and organizational solutions for the execution of works and to resolve other issues that arise during the execution of works; Control of the development of a general dynamic construction plan and monitoring of its execution; Co-ordination of the general contractor and subcontractors at all stages of works; Monitoring the activities of all participants on the basis of the general plan, in order to ensure the completion of planned works within the deadlines set; Quality control of materials, installations, devices, plants and equipment that are installed in the facility; Control of changes to the project documentation; Defining special requirements for contractors to demonstrate the quality of materials and equipment; Control of functional testing of installations and equipment; Recording and verifying the results of proofing of the projected parameters of the system; Construction Document Control; Control of the temporary and finished situations of the performer, verifying them with the control that the stated positions and quantities of works are actually made-built into the object; Participation in the technical acceptance of objects, control of removing remarks until the final acceptance of the object as well as the handover to the Investor.


The processes that are being carried out within the framework of the realization of projects in the field of construction often have specific requirements which can be fulfilled only by engaging professional persons with adequate knowledge and experience. The team of people gathered around NOVA DPI has enough knowledge and experience to respond to all needs

In the realization of the management of certain projects, we pay special attention to all the key processes that are necessary for the realization of projects, and in particular:

1. The process of preparing all stages of the project;
2. Processes relating to the scope, time and cost of the project implementation;
3. Processes related to communication;
4. Risk-related processes;
5. Processes related to procurement.


1. Technical documentation control;
2. Inspection of the conformity of the components of the technical documentation;
3. Determination of deadlines;
4. Completion of the amendment of the technical documentation (if required by the appropriate administrative authority);
5. Creation of a derived state project (if there is a deviation in performance from the main project);
6. Submission of documentation to the competent institutions.

Design process

What happens in the background

1.Ideal solution

2.Proposal of the solution


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