Description and phases in architectural planning

PLANNING, is process of drafting technical documentation and operations made up of a series of steps that begin with the definition of the project task and end with the main project through which all aspects of the given subject are determined.


During the phase of defining the PROJECT TASK, the client, in cooperation with the designer, formally defines his aspirations, ideas and ideas. The final result of this phase is the PROJECT TASK which together with the basis for the preparation of technical documentation (certificate of ownership, location conditions, geodetic, geotechnical and other substrates) forms the basis for the development of each project. Through the project task, the client in writing, in cooperation with the designer, sets out clear goals for the development of project documentation.


SCREENING OF THE OBJECT is a phase that naturally takes place in parallel with defining the PROJECT TASK. Namely, the moment when the customer's aspirations approximate, the designer approaches the creation of 3D displays or sketches. In this way, the client presents his idea through a detailed spatial view, in which all the details of the idea can be clearly understood. In this way, you can easily see and eliminate any deficiencies and defects.


IDEAL SOLUTION is a phase that follows the development of the PROJECT TASK. During this phase, the best solution is being developed to present the tasks defined in the project task. The basic goal of creating the conceptual solution is to define key elements and factors such as the position of the object in the space, the dimensions of the object, the size of the layout and the purpose of the premises, the constructive system and the application of the material. The complete conceptual solution, among other things, gives an overview of the layout of the object, the basics of all floors and the cross-section of the object, the individual details of the object, and the textual explanation.


IDEAL PROJECT is a phase that follows the phase of the IDEAL SOLUTION. Namely, after the client's design proposal is created, which by its composition fully meets the client's requirements and wishes, the design of the Design Project is initiated. The preliminary project is a technical document whose content must be in accordance with the current law on planning and construction in the case of a lecture for the execution of works. In case the local administrative authority does not request the conceptual project as an attachment for the issuance of location terms, instead of the conceptual design, after the design of the preliminary design, the preparation of the main project is automatically accessed.


MAIN PROJECT is the final phase that occurs in the process of development of technical documentation. If the client and the designer have coordinated at all points throughout the course of the preparation of the technical documentation, starting with the PROJECT TASK, the development of IDEAL SOLUTIONS and finally the IDEAL PROJECT, then summarizing all the details in the MAIN PROJECT follows. The main project must be fully compliant with the Law with its constituent parts or form and content. In addition, the main project must describe in detail each aspect of the building in such a way that each individual element of the object is clearly defined through detailed graphic documentation and technical descriptions. The main project is made in four copies, of which three are submitted to the local Administrative Authority for the purpose of issuing the building permit.

Process in projecting

What happens in the background

1.Ideal solution

2.Proposal of the solution


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